To protect your confidential data in our e-mail correspondence, e-mails will be sent using the Z1-SecureMail-Standard in future. This is an encryption service used with immediate effect by the Dr. Dienst & Partner group to enable secure communication.

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No need to change already existing encryption method

If you already use an encryption method such as S/MIME (e.g. used by the DATEV SmartCard) or PGP (an electronic certificate must be stored in your e-mail programme for this purpose), there is basically no need to make any changes. You can open e-mails from your contact person in the Dr. Dienst & Partner group as usual. When replying, you should make sure, in your own interest, to also use your encryption method (S/MIME or PGP). Nothing will change for you in this case.

Need to change in the previous e-mail procedure without encryption technology

If no encryption technology has been used in e-mail traffic so far and your email service is not equipped with S/MIME or PGP encryption, you will be able to view e-mails encrypted by us via a free portal and reply to these e-mails in encrypted form in future. Registration is required for the portal. We have provided a link to the registration instructions in the right-hand column.

Contact person for questions

Should you have any questions regarding sending encrypted e-mails, please consult your responsible contact person/representative in the Dr. Dienst & Partner group.